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More than 150 exhibitors!


How to join CRAFTOK as a guest?




What is CRAFTOK?

It's an exhibition and sales event in VR which visitors can participate for free, through smartphones or PC, as well as VR devices!

We wanted to realize a VR exhibition and sales event where users can visit through "DOOR™" on a web browser.
"DOOR™" is a social VR produced by NTT.
Visitors can join with their smartphone, Oculus Quest, and on their PC browser.
Come and experience the new style of exhibition and sales.

A guide of CRAFTOK


Voice Actor:Aya Suzaki



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What is CRAFTOK?

Event schedule

(Time zone: Japan)

Opening ceremony  April 24th (Sat) 10:30~11:00 (JST)

1st day  April 24th (Sat) 11:00~17:00 (JST)

2nd day  April 25th (Sun)11:00~17:00 (JST)

Closing ceremony  April 25th (Sun)17:00~17:30 (JST)

*Core time 15:00~17:00 24th & 25th Many of exhibitors will stay at their shop

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CRAFTOK Entrance
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CRAFTOK Entrance

Exhibitor List

The list shows more than 150 exhibitors. Check out the shops that attract you!


There are four areas featuring different genres.
Enjoy the variety of areas as well as each exhibition!

*The image shows under development.

Current Area

Current Area

Fantasy Area

Fantasy Area

SF Area

SF Area

Japanese Area

Japanese Area


Official ambassadors of CRAFTOK

In addition to the 140 general exhibitors applied by the public, there will be a special area of guest creators and official live distributions by virtual talents Kujo Ringo, Shinonome Megu, and Epito, who have been appointed as official ambassadors of CRAFTOK.

Special Areas


Ambassadors' Area


Megu Shinonome

Ringo Kujo

The area of three ambassadors


Guests' Area

Ocutan bot





The area of five guests


Gugenka Area






The area of five Gugenka staff members

Communication Area

Communication Area

A lounge where visitors can communicate freely.

From creating a room to sharing it, it's all done on the web! All creators will be able to get involved in the world of XR by "DOOR™"

"CRAFTOK" is a exhibiton and sales event for all designers, such as XR/DTP/Web/architecture. You can join by using your smartphone, Oculus Quest, or PC browser. You can also make your own exhibitor shop by using the browser "DOOR", that has free tools for you to use!


Terms of service


"CRAFTOK" is an event hosted by Gugenka, held on "DOOR™" which is offered by Japan Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(NTT). Exhibitors and participants must comply with the terms of servic( of "DOOR™".
Gugenka reserves the right to take action against exhibitors or participants who cause trouble to other exhibitors or participants, or significantly infringe on the rights of others, by cancelling their participation in the event or removing them from the room.


Exhibitors and participants can join using "DOOR™" avatars, or uploading avatars they created. Exhibitors and participants must observe its rules if they use or change avatars offered by the third person.

Avatars should be created in conformity with regulations to reduce the size of the rooms. We'd like all exhibitors and participants to cooperate so that other people can join and enjoy the event without any technical inconvinience.

-Material: 1
-Texture: 1024pix×1024pix
Polycount: Within 10,000

Gugenka reserves the right to take action in casean avatar significantly violates the rights of other companies or does not keep it PG- rated by cancelling their participation in the event or removing them from the room.


Link for other pages

"On ""CRAFTOK"", external link is possible. Exhibitors 
should make sure that the linked site is related to the 
exhibited items, and must not be change after 
Gugenka will not be involved with any troubles of the 
external links, and not be obliged and 
responsible for it."

Information distribution

On "CRAFTOK", exhibitors and participants are allowed to record for the purpose of spreading information (SNS including monetized, video distribution, blog, article) by individuals and media. Exhibitors and participants must take part in on understanding that their avatar, nickname, and voice can be recorded unintentionally.

Please be noted that Gugenka may record and distribute "CRAFTOK" for the purpose of publicity.


Function of sharing items in a room (pinning)

DOOR™ has a function which allows the user to upload 3D products and pictures, and share them. Exhibitors are required to use this function in exhibition. However, it is easy for the third person to download uploaded products. Gugenka requires exhibitors to upload thier data in a glb file in the shop regarding items which they do not wish to be downloaded. Furthurmore, please be prepared againstunorthorized use when uploading items during customer service. For example: attaching "Sample" on items. Gugenka will not be responsible for downloaded items without permission.


Gugenka will not be concerned with the troubles among exhibitors and participants in principle, andwill not be obliged and responsible.

However, if circumstances occur that will interfere with operating the "CRAFTOK", Gugenka will step in and handle the situation. Exhibitors and participants have a duty to follow Gugenka's direction and respond honestly in this case.

In any case they do not accept, Gugenka reserves right to take action against exhibitors or participants by cancelling their participation in the event or removing them from the room.

Contact for "CRAFTOK"

Terms of service
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